Dedicated to our learners, we foster a culture of achievement that fuels ambition and drives them to success.


We constantly seek the ingenuity and creativity to develop training that is needed tomorrow.


We are committed to make an impact on the environment and encourage our learners to do the same.


Passionate about people empowerment, thereby delivering superior value to our clients.

Welcome to SAFETI

The South African Foundation for Empowerment Training & Innovation, offers a wide range of accredited training programmes. While the accreditation is very important to us, our primary focus is on the genuine transfer of skills which for us is equally as valuable as the certificate received at the end of our courses.

SAFETI consistently stays abreast of the latest industry research and advancements. We believe this is key to developing fresh and innovative courses tailored to individual client needs.

“Leadership cannot be taught it can only be learned,” makes up the building blocks of our training. Our empowering approach to training means entrenching this in our trainees. They are taught that if they don’t have their heart in it, they’ll be mediocre at best.


Driven by a genuine desire to address the issue of inequality, the company remains passionately committed to championing the plight of unemployment through education.


Our values are embedded in following: “Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its limitations” by Peter Drucker.

Innovation through Training